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The polar night arrives in December

The blue dusk of the polar night falls over Levi at the 11th of December.

This is what the color scheme often looks like at the time of polar night, in finnish we call it kaamos.

Even though the sun does not rise at Levi between 11th of December and 1st of January, the polar night does not mean complete darkness.

The nature is enveloped by a blue dusk, which is created by the light of the moon, stars and Northern Lights, reflected by the snow. It is not pitch-dark like it is in the south, but it is actually possible to move outside at any time, day and night, without additional light.

Although the sun stays below the horizon, its rays reach on the sky. During clear weather, especially from the fells you can admire the gorgeous sky imbued in different hues of blue and red.

MAINOS - juttu jatkuu mainoksen jälkeen

MAINOS - mainos päättyy

Many people feel that the polar night is calming during the quiet time of the year.

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